Bathroom Objects Collection Cartoon Clipart

$40 $10


Bundle of images includes the following:

A white porcelain toilet
A porcelain white toilet bowl, flush tank, oval seat and cover

A bathtub with shower curtain
A porcelain white bathtub, enclosed around a light blue shower curtain

A deep soaking bath tub
A plain porcelain bath tub with gray legs

A shower enclosure
A corner bathroom enclosure with curved fiber glass door, with a modern stainless rain shower head

A medicine cabinet
An elongated rectangular white medicine cabinet, with white and grayish blue mirror cover, stainless holder, two levels carrying brown medicine bottles with white cap on the bottom level, and a yellow and dark green box on the top

A bathroom pedestal sink
A traditional ceramic oval bathroom lavatory with two stainless faucets

A bathroom sink with cabinets
A modern rectangular ceramic white lavatory, with a stainless steel faucet and brown cabinet

A toiler paper roll on a holder
A roll of white tissue slotted into a stainless tissue holder

Towels hanging on a towel rack
Three towels in white, apple green and light blue, hang from a two row stainless towel holder

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