Confused Men Collection

Confused Men Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A man thinking about what to write in his journal
A man with blond hair, wearing a light blue collared sweatshirt, dark gray belt and shoes, dark blue pants, sitting on the floor, looking confused while scratching his head with his left hand, right hand holds a gray pen, as a violet book is placed open on his left lap

A confused businessman scratches his head
A man with orange hair, wearing a white dress shirt, orange necktie, dark gray pants, belt and shoes, parts his lips in confusion while scratching his head with his right hand

A confused man walks while thinking
A man with brown hair, wearing a black collared shirt, gray pants, dark gray with white sneakers, a blue watch around his right wrist, parts his lips in confusion, as he brings his right hand up to cover his mouth

A man sitting on a stool scratching his head and looking confused
A man with blond hair wearing a red collared sweatshirt, gray belt, denim blue pants, brown with white shoes, sitting on an orange stool, parts his lips in confusion while scratching his head with his left hand

A man with a confused and surprised look on his face
A man with blonde hair, wearing a purple sweater, pale brownish gray pants, dark gray with white sneakers, parts his lips in shock and confusion, as he slightly raises his hands in surprise

A confused man using a laptop
A man with brown black hair, wearing a pink collared sweatshirt, grayish green pants, gray shoes, sitting on a blue chair, looking confused while thinking deeply, a gray laptop is placed on his lap, as his right hand holds a dark gray pen

A confused oriental man
A man with black hair, wearing an apple green polo shirt, denim blue pants, dark gray belt and shoes, walks while scratching his head in confusion

A man scratching his head in confusion
A man with dark brown hair, wearing a green polo shirt, dark gray belt and shoes, denim blue pants, sitting on a light brown sofa chair, left leg placed on top of his right thigh, parts his lips and scratches his head in confusion

A man taking a test looks confused by the questions
A black man with curly black hair, wearing an orange polo shirt, gray pants and shoes, sitting on a light blue chair behind a white desk, eyebrows furrowed and lifted in confusion, as left hand holds a red pen

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