Couples Dating Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A couple on a date
A man with brown hair, wearing a white collared shirt, grayish brown pants and black shoes, grins as he gives a bouquet of red roses to a pretty woman with blonde hair, wearing a red dress and heels, while both are seated on a green stool and just separated by a green round table

A couple celebrating their anniversary
A couple wearing dinner clothes, sitting on a dining chair, looking happy and lovely while toasting a glass of drink to celebrate their anniversary

A couple having drinks
A woman with black hair and wearing a yellow dress, and purple heels, sits on a chair and listens intently to her boyfriend, with brown hair, wearing a blue shirt, red pants and black sneakers, while drinking a glass of wine, a gray round table is placed in between them

A couple looking very much in love with each other
A blonde couple in love, sitting on a pink chair and separated by a round table with pink cloth, looking at each other adoringly, as they both hold on to the hands of each other

A couple enjoying a picnic date
A couple kneeling on a pink picnic blanket, closes their eyes to drink from a white jug, with a straw, a brown weave picnic basket is in between them

A couple enjoying a cold drink
A woman with brown hair, wearing a pink dress, heels and red bag, sits on a gold bench with white legs, sipping a drink from a light blue cup, is being accompanied by her husband, who is wearing a blue sweatshirt with white collar, blue jeans and green shoes, who is also sipping a drink from his blue cup

A couple looking deeply in love with each other
A woman with black hair, wearing a pink dress, closes her eyes as she sits on the lap of her lover with blonde hair, who is kissing her forehead, and wearing a light blue shirt, white jacket, black pants and red sneakers, while on a golden bench

A cute couple in love
An adorable blonde couple, holding hands while tied together with a red, blue and white winter scarf, that is wrapped around their neck

A couple in love and walking together
A woman with ponytailed reddish brown hair, wearing a purple sweater blouse, orange pants and red heels, walking slowly and looks adoringly at her blonde boyfriend, wearing a white long sleeved shirt, brown pants and blue sneakers, a bouquet of red roses is being held by his left hand, as right hand is placed on her right shoulder

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