Female Customers Collection

Female Customers Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A woman paying for the blouse she purchased
A woman with brown hair, wearing an orange shirt and gray skirt, smirks while holding her tan colored wallet to pay for the lavender blouse that will be packed into the red paper bag, by the male cashier with brown hair, wearing a grayish blue long sleeved shirt, gray pants and white shoes, who is standing behind a gray cash counter

A woman getting the bag with items she purchased inside
A woman with short blonde hair, wearing a purple sleeveless dress and carrying an orange purse in between her left arm and the left side of her upper body, smirks while getting the pink paper bag from the female cashier with brown hair, wearing a green headband, sleeveless grayish blue shirt, bright purple pink pants and light brown shoes, who is standing behind a gray cash counter

A woman handing out her credit card to the salesgirl
A woman with light red hair, wearing a fuchsia blouse and gray skirt, smirks as she hands over her gray credit card to the cashier with black ponytailed hair, wearing a violet bodycon dress and gray shoes, who is smiling while seated on a brown chair with gray leg behind an L shaped cashier check out desk

A shop girl handing out the purchases of a female customer
A woman with ponytailed blond hair, wearing an orange sleeveless blouse and gray skirt, stands behind a gray desk with a credit card swipe portal, smiles as she hands over the red paper bag in her right hand, to the female customer with blonde hair, wearing a blue headband, purple tank top, light blue skirt and orange flats, who is raising a gray credit card in her left hand

A woman checking the shirt rack on sale
A woman with brown hair, wearing a bright pinkish purple sweatshirt, brown pants and gray shoes, smirks while rummaging through the three multicolored shirts that are hanged on the wooden sales rack

A woman checking the price of a dress
A woman with brown hair, wearing a orange blouse, gray skirt and shoes, smirks while rummaging reading a yellow note in her right hand, as her left hand holds a gray hanger with a purple dress, that she chose among the multicolored clothes that are hanged on the wooden sales rack

A woman paying for her purchase using a debit card
A woman with brown hair, wearing a purple sleeveless top, grayish green pants and light green shoes, input details of her debit card on a gray portal, as a salesgirl with curly brown hair, wearing a sleeveless pinkish purple top smiles while holding a white paper in her right hand, a gray desk with digital cash box is placed in between them, as well as a box filled with a dozen multicolored bottles

A woman looking at the sale rack
A woman with curly reddish brown hair, wearing a pink top under a denim jacket, gray pants and light gray shoes, smiles while reading from a piece of yellow price tag in her right hand, as she stands in front of a clothes rack with two shirts and a purple dress

A woman shopping for dresses with her best friend
A woman with black hair, wearing a black dress with blue strap and belt, red shoes, smirks while pointing her left index finger at a green dress hanging from the rack of a boutique together with a red dress, as her her friend with blonde hair, wearing a blue dress and teal shoes, a small black bag hanging from her left forearm, smiles while agreeing with the pick

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