Female Punks Collection Cartoon Clipart



Bundle of images includes the following:

A punk chick with pink hair
A woman with ponytailed pink and purple hair, multiple facial piercing, mustard yellow cropped top, red belt, blue jeans, knee high black boots, smirks while placing her left hand on her hip, and her right hand on her right thigh

An edgy female punk
A woman with short green hair with yellow streak, multiple earrings, wearing a black jacket over a yellow bra, black belt, denim shorts, fishnet stockings and black boots, squints her eyes while placing both thumb under her waistband of her shorts

A cool female punk
A woman with blue and dark gray short mohawk hair, multiple piercing, wearing a pink with gold mini dress, spiked bracelets, fuchsia and pink boots, smirks while holding up her left hand to gesture a rock on sign

A rocking female punk
A woman with pink, blue, purple and green mohawk hair, multiple piercing, black dress under a denim vest, fishnet stockings, black bangles, violet boots, raises her right hand to gesture a rock on sign, as she parts her lips to show her tongue

A bitchy punk chick
A woman with short orange and yellow hair, wearing a gold star earring, black choker, shirt, yellow skirt, black boots, gray spike bracelets, smirks while crossing her arms over her chest

A tough female punk
A woman with purple colored hair and pink highlights, wearing a gold dangling earrings, dark gray choker, top, white jacket and skirt, brown gloves and belt, black boots, frowns while punching her left fist forward

A happy female punk
A woman with spiky blue and black hair, multiple piercing, green eye shadow, blue spiked choker, gray spiked bracelets and arm band, sleeveless red top, black mini skirt and shoes, pink socks, smirks while sitting on the floor

A female punk rocking on
A woman with short red hair, wearing triangle earrings, gray spiked bracelets, sleeveless white cropped top, ripped jeans with chain, black heeled boots, blue lipstick and red contact lens, raises both arms to gesture a rock on sign

A chic female punk
A woman with short white hair, multiple earrings, wearing a sleeveless violet cropped top, blue belt, ripped green pants, red shoes, gray spiked bangles, shuts her eyes while lifting her left hand to gesture a rock in sign, as her right hand rests on her hip

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