Kids Sleeping Collection Cartoon Clipart

$40 $10


Bundle of images includes the following:

A small boy having a great sleep
A child with blonde hair, wearing a brown bear hat and gray pajamas, sleeping soundly in his red, white and blue bed, a white blanket covers his legs

A black boy sleeping with his saliva flowing down
A black boy with curly hair, wearing orange pajamas and white socks, sleeping on his blue bed with three red airplanes with yellow wings printed on the headboard, a white pillow, and a purple blanket covering his butt, lips parted as his saliva drips down to his chin

A boy sleeping comfortably
A boy with blond hair, wearing blue pajamas, sleeping on his wooden brown bed with green mattress, white pillow, with a green and white blanket covering most of his body

A boy having a good sleep
A boy with brown hair, wearing a white sleeveless top, blue pants with white tie, blue and white socks, sleeping in a dark gray bed with gray mattress, orange pillow covered in a fuchsia pillow case, a white blanket almost on the floor and barely covering his legs, lips parted as he drools while sleeping

A little girl sleeping soundly
A girl with curly reddish brown hair, wearing yellow pajamas and white with grayish blue socks, curls up to sleep in a pink bed with stairs, purple mattress, and white pillow

A boy sleeping with his mouth open
A boy with brown hair, wearing blue pajamas and Christmas hat, dreams while sleeping in his blue bed with red and yellow mattress and pillow, white blanket almost falling down the floor, as his left index finger is raised to point up

A girl sleeps while hugging her stuffed bunny
A girl with black hair, sleeping in her pink and blue bed, with green pillow, white with green blanket, mouth opened while snoring as she hugs a white bunny

A girl sleeping on her stomach
A girl with curly blonde hair, wearing pink pajama, sleeping with her tummy down in her green bed with white mattress, her pillow falling off the floor, and a blue blanket covers her bottom and legs

A girl sleeping on top of the sheets
A girl with brown hair, wearing a white sleeveless shirt tugging up, and pink shorts, sleeping sideways in her white bed with a flower with red petals and yellow center print on the headboard, yellow pillow and blanket, head almost touching the floor, as her brown teddy bear lies down beside her

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