People Dining Out Collection 4

People Dining Out Collection 4

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Product Description

Bundle of images includes the following:

A happy set of diverse friends having dinner
A group of diverse men and women in casual night out clothes, enjoying meals and drinks together around a square table and sitting on red chairs while laughing

A group of girls gossiping around a healthy meal
A group of four women eating salad and drinking water, grin and smile while listening to a story that their black friend is saying, while seated on a blue chair around a round blue table

A couple dining out on a luxurious dinner date
A man with blonde hair, wearing a black suit, shoes, white dress shirt and violet tie, smirks as he sits beside his wife with brown hair in a French twist, wearing a sexy red dress and heels, behind a white square table with a small green candle, as they read from the pink menu of the restaurant

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