Pure Bred Cat Collection 4

Pure Bred Cat Collection 4

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Product Description

Bundle of images includes the following:

A Cornish Rex cat
A black and white colored cat, with pink nose and white whiskers, tail almost up, looks above to catch a glimpse of something

A Cyprus cat
An olive green and white colored cat, with black spots, green eyes and pink nose with whiskers, curled comfortably on the floor to rest

A Devon Rex cat
A greenish cat with stripes and marks, green eyes and nose with white whiskers, resting on the floor

A don sphynx cat
A flesh colored cat, with pink nose and yellow eyes, sitting up straight on the floor, with tail up

A Dragon Li cat
A chubby brownish cat with stripes, pink nose and yellow eyes, lies down on the floor to rest

A dwarf cat
An alerted gray cat, with grayish blue eyes and black nose with white whiskers, black triangular ears, stops walking to turn its head to the right, tail curling up

An Egyptian Mau cat
A gray cat with black spots, dark yellow eyes, pink nose and ears, white whiskers, sits up and turns its head back to look ahead

A European shorthair
A brown and white colored cat with dark brown and orange stripes, pinkish nose and yellow eyes, sitting straight on the floor

An exotic shorthair cat
A fat cream colored cat with orange stripes, pink nose and orange eyes as well as white whiskers, rests comfortably on the floor

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