Zoo Animals Collection 3 Cartoon Clipart

$40 $10


Bundle of images includes the following:

An anteater
A long short animal with brown fur, long head and four legs, long pink tongue, walking towards the left

An antelope
An animal with four legs, reddish brown with white short fur, black nose and two long brown horns, looking ahead while it smirks

An Armadillo
An animal with four legs, cream colored head and feet, a pinkish brown outer armor and long tail, smiles while looking ahead

A bald eagle
A bird with white and black feathers, yellow beak and feet, looking ahead while smiling

A buffalo
A big tough animal with four legs, brown short hair and gray horns, looking ahead while smirking

A camel
A tall animal with yellowish brown short hair, two humps with brown hairy top, long neck and droopy eyes

A Cheetah
A fast animal with yellow orange and cream colored fur and brown spots, round ears, black eyes, leaping to the left while parting its lips to smile in delight

A grizzly bear
A big bear with brown fur, black nose and small ears, looking ahead while smiling adorably

A kangaroo
A kangaroo with brown fur, long ears and flat feet, looking ahead while smiling

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