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7 fun graphic bundles for teachers to use in the classroom

Finding quality, royalty- free downloadable clip art and graphics you can use in various classroom activities can be a hassle. Add on to that “cheap,” and “inexpensive” and it gets even more difficult. VectorToons has got you covered. Our clip art bundles are all vector graphics, which means you can use the same clip art on a hand out or blow it up and use it a bulletin board or in a craft activity; the quality will not be diminished. Learn more about what a vector graphic is here:

Here are seven $5 graphic bundles you can use in your classroom. Use them in activities, crafts, flash cards, in smart board presentations, homework work sheets and more.

Elementary Grad School Teachers

1. Farm animals collectionfarm-animals-collection-2-584x1024

Use these cute farm animals in your elementary classroom. You can use them in desk name tags, blow them up large enough to use on bulletin boards, use as designs in hanging name tags or in any classroom activities.

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2. Money Collection

Use in activities related to counting, math and learning currency.

3. Summer and Vacation Activities

Spring break and summer will be here before you know it. Use these tourism and travel people graphics in your classroom activities and in reminders to encourage your students to keep learning and reading over the summer. We have both boy tourists and girl tourists.

4. Ball collection

Our sports-related ball collection will come in handy when it’s time to organize your summer recreation league and teams. Use them in newsletter announcements in ads and in forms. Best or all, it’s free for a limited time!

Features a basketball, baseball, soccer ball, bowling ball, tennis ball and more. Download it free for a limited time here:

5. Germ collection

Use this cartoon germs clip art graphics collection to teach your students about hygiene and how to avoid spreading and catching illnesses. Use these fun clip art germs to illustrate and emphasis proper hand-washing habits and other activities to keep them healthy.

6 Medal and Ribbon Awards Collection

Create your own award certificates to congratulate or encourage your students to succeed. This collection features empty ribbon badges and star pins which you can blow up and print your star student’s name inside.

Preschool teachers and day care providersBaby collection

7. Baby Collection

Do you teach at a preschool or daycare? Don’t use trademarked and protected graphics to decorate your classroom or use in your advertising, use royalty-free graphic vectors like this collection instead.  Use these images in your center, in your advertising, even blow some of them up large enough to use in your signage. Since they are vector graphics, they will look great.

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If you need help or want to request certain graphics, please feel free to contact us here:

How do you use graphics in the classroom? What do you use them in? Leave your comments below.