Dog Collection 31

Dog Collection 31

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Dog Using A Smartphone

A dog with brown and white coat, wearing a light pink sweater, dark pink shorts, smiles while holding a gray cellphone in his front right paw

A Happy Dog Shopping For Groceries

A dog with dark gray and white coat, shuts its eyes and sings happily while pushing a gray grocery cart filled with goodies like a baguette, bottled drink, vegetables, fruits and boxes

A Dog Waiter

A dog with reddish brown coat, dark gray nose, wearing a light gray dress shirt, dark gray bow tie, pants, brown vest and shoes, closes its eyes and smiles while standing straight while carrying a gray tray with wine glass and a red bottle of wine in its right front paw, and a white towel on its left arm, as it stands beside a brown table with a white table cloth and pink flowers in a brown vase on top

A Dog Doing Laundry

A dog with dark brown coat, droopy ears, gray nose, wearing an orange collared shirt, dark teal pants, mint green shoes, smiles while kneeling beside a white front load washing machine to wash its clothes, placed in a blue basket

A Singing Dog

A dog with gray and white coat, fluffy white tail, wearing a blue suit jacket, dark gray pants, salmon pink bow tie, shuts its eyes while singing a song while holding a gray microphone with stand

A Dog Making Pizza

A dog with gray and brown coat, wearing a white toque hat, kitchen jacket, gray pants, pink apron and scarf tied around its neck, smiles while holding a large wooden spatula to get a hot pizza

A Dog Popping Pills

A dog with brown and beige coat, gray nose, closes its eyes as it pops two white pills inside its mouth, while holding a glass of water in his right paw

A Dog Director

A dog with brown coat, wearing a light blue with light red cap, sitting on a gray folding chair with wooden frame and the word director printed at the back, as it directs instruction using a gray megaphone in its left hand

A Dog Picking Tulips

A dog with brown and white coat, droopy ears, gray muzzle and nose, smiles while picking colorful tulips from its main plant

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