Pile Of Poop Emoji Collection 4

Pile Of Poop Emoji Collection 4

Pile Of Poop Emoji Collection 4

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A grinning pile of poo
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, eyes and mouth grinning in delight

A very happy pile of poo
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, opening its mouth to smile, showing the upper set of white teeth, both eyes opened in delight

A nagging pile of poo
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, furrows both eyes and brows in anger, mouth opened to nag, showing a set of white upper teeth and a pink tongue

A pile of poo sweating in pain
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, shuts both eyes, brows furrowed and mouth opened to scream in pain, sweat drops forming and dripping down from the head

A sick pile of poo
A yellowish brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, looking sad and sick, both eyes and brows furrowed, lips sealed in a frown

A pile of poo looking hopelessly in love
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, brows furrowed as both eyes are shaped as red hearts, mouth opened in salivation, as a pink tongue droops out of the mouth

A teasing pile of poo
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, shows a bit of pink tongue to tease, left eye closed to wink ahead

A snoring pile of poo
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, shuts both eyes, mouth rounded in a small opening to snore, releasing two drifting Zs

A shocked and aghast pile of poo
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, eyes and mouth widely opened in shock and surprise

A very bored and tired pile of poo
A brown swirl of faecal matter on the floor, both eyes almost shut in sleepiness, mouth opened in a frown

Keywords: affected | afflict | afraid | aggravated | aghast | ail | ailing | air sick | alarm | amour | angered | angry | anguish | annoyance | annoyer | appal | appall | appalled | asleep | bait | ball over | beat | beloved | bemock | blase | blear | blear eyed | bleary | bleary eyed | blessed | blissful | bored | bother | botheration | breathe | bright | burned out | burnt out | catch some zs | cheerful | complain | complaining | content | contented | coquette | crazy | daze | dear | dearest | delectation | delight | dirt | discomfit | discomfort | disgust | dismay | dismayed | dizzy | dope | dotty | drained | drooping | ease | elated | emotion | enamored | enchant | enjoy | enraged | enrapture | enthral | enthrall | eros | euphoric | evince | exhausted | express | external respiration | facial expression | facial gesture | faecal matter | faeces | fagged | faint | fatigued | fecal matter | feces | feeling | felicitous | feverish | feverous | flagging | flirt | fluff | fortunate | frown | frustrate | furious | gaga | ghastly | glad | glower | golden | gratify | grim | grimace | grin | grinning | haggard | halcyon | happy | heart | horrify | hot under the collar | huffy | hurt | hurting | ill | in love | inactiveness | inactivity | incensed | indignant | infatuated | infliction | infuriated | inlove | irascible | irate | ireful | jaded | joy | joyful | joyous | knackered | laugh at | laughing | lightheaded | livid | log zs | loosen | love | love life | loved one | lover | loving | mad | maddened | make a face | make fun | manipulate | minx | mock | nag | nagging | nap | nauseated | nauseous | negative stimulus | nincompoop | ninny | noise | nuisance | object | outrage | outraged | pain | pain in the neck | pain sensation | painful sensation | painfulness | pale | passion | perspiration | perspire | physical attraction | played out | pleasance | please | pleasure | poke fun | poo | poop | positive stimulus | prickteaser | prosperous | provoked | pull a face | queasy | raddled | ragged | raging | ravish | recovering | relaxation | relief | respiration | respire | rest | rest period | revel | riant | rib | ribbing | ridicule | satisfy | scandalise | scandalize | scowl | shock | shocked | shopworn | shout | shouting | sick | sick of | sicken | sickish | sickly | sleep | sleep in | sleep late | sleep out | sleepy | sleepy eyed | sleepyheaded | slumber | smile | smiling | smitten | smoldering | smouldering | sneezy | snore | snoring | soft on | sopor | sore | spent | stirred | stool | stormy | stun | stupor | surprise | surprised | sweat | sweating | take a breath | take aback | taken with | tantalise | tantalization | tantalize | taunt | tease | teaser | teasing | tempestuous | the skinny | threadbare | timeworn | tired | tired of | tongue | transport | traumatise | traumatize | twit | unbalanced | unfit | unhealed | unhealthy | unhinged | uninterested | unpleasant | unrefreshed | unrested | unwell | vamp | vamper | vexer | weak | wearied | weary | whacked | wild | willing | wink | woozy | world weary | worn | worn out | wrathful | wroth | wrothful | yell | yelling | zs |
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