50s Collection Men In Bathing Suits

50s Collection Men In Bathing Suits

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A guy wearing a vintage style summer trunks
A man with blonde hair and blue eyes, bangs twirled like the vintage matinee idols, wears a skimpy orange swimming trunks with white tropical lines design, raises his right hand to gesture a thumbs up sign, while sealing his lips to smile

A muscular guy flexing his arm muscles
A man with curly orange hair and blue eyes, wearing a striped green and yellow swimming trunks, grins to show his pearly whites, as he flexes his muscles by lifting his arms and closing his hands in a tight fist

A man in a beach outfit
A man with brown hair, blue eyes and mustache, wearing an unbuttoned vintage style green polo shirt with several white wave prints and blue shorts, grins to show his pearly whites on a happy sunny day

A guy proudly sports his new tiny weenie swim trunks
A man with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a red swim trunks with white polka dot prints, places both hands on his hips, posing confidently with a huge grin on his face

A tough man in a sailor swim wear
A muscular man with blonde hair, blue eyes and mustache, wears a vintage style striped black and white sailor type swimsuit for men, with a blue collar and buttons

A macho guy with a beach volleyball
A man with orange hair and blue eyes, muscular body frame, wears a striped brown and mustard yellow swimming trunks, six pack abs proudly on display, smirks as he looks to his right, while holding a white volleyball on his right hand

A guy preparing to dive
A man with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing an unbuttoned light blue collared polo shirt, white swimming trunks with navy blue V prints, six pack abs on display, lifts both arms while standing straight, preparing himself to dive

A macho man flexing his muscles
A man with golden blonde hair and blue eyes, muscular physique and lean frame, wearing a tight blue swimming bottom shorts, with orange and violet prints, raises both arms to flex his muscles

A cool guy playing ball
A man with brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a pair of gray espadrilles, a pink shorts with dark gray waistband and a red and orange polka dots print on it, swings the white ball that he is holding with both hands to his right side, legs spread open to give him balance

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