Angry Men Collection

Angry Men Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A blonde man getting pissed at something
A man with blonde hair, wearing a green shirt, purple pants, blue with white sneakers, clenches his fist and grits his teeth in anger

A man destroying his cellphone
A man with brown skin, black hair and mustache, wearing a blue collared jacket, dark teal blue pants and black shoes, clenches his fist as he steps on and breaks his gray mobile phone using his right foot

A man furiously pointing at somebody
A man with brown hair, mustache and beard, wearing a purple suit jacket and pants, light green collared shirt with green necktie, gray belt and dark gray shoes, grits his teeth as he angrily points his right index finger at somebody

An angry man sitting on a chair
A man with brown black hair, wearing a teal gray shirt, brown pants and dark gray shoes, sitting on a brown chair, looking grumpy

A young man telling somebody to get out
A man with brown skin and dark curly hair, wearing a yellow with a green stripe sweatshirt, teal pants, gray with white sneakers, grits his teeth while clenching his left fist, and pointing his right index finger at somebody

A man ready to smash his annoying computer
A man with brown hair, wearing a white dress shirt, teal necktie and pants, black shoes, shuts his eyes and grits his teeth, as he jumps up with legs and arms swinging back, while his hands hold a large mallet to smash the gray laptop in front of him

A man yelling at somebody over the phone
A man with blonde hair, wearing a dark blue green suit, white dress shirt with red necktie, black pants and shoes, parts his lips to scream in anger while speaking to someone over the dark gray phone in his right hand

A man looking angrily at his cellphone
A man with orange blonde hair, wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, black with white sneakers, sitting on a brown swivel chair behind a white table, crossing his arms and frowning while looking angrily at his dark gray cellphone

A very furious man crushing a piece of paper in his hand
A man with reddish brown hair, wearing a pink collared shirt, red necktie, dark gray pants and black shoes, clenches his teeth while looking furiously ahead, fists clenched tightly as his left hand crushes a white paper, smoke coming out of his ears in anger

Tags: aggravated | angered | angry | annoyed | displeased | enraged | ferocious | fierce | furious | infuriated | irate | irritated | jumpferocious | mad | maddened | mallet | miffed | nettled | outraged | peeved | pissed | pissed off | provoked | raging | riled | roiled | savage | smoldering | smouldering | sore | steamed | stormy | stung | tempestuous | umbrageous | violent | wild | wrath | wrathful |
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