Breakfast Food Collection

Breakfast Food Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

Stacks of pancake for breakfast
Three circular brown pancakes stacked on top of one another, with creamy yellow butter on top and a heap of brown maple syrup flowing down the hotcake

A very bright sunny side up eggs
Two fried together in sunny side up style eggs, with bright orange runny yolks and firm egg whites spreading out in an irregular oval shape

Slices of white bread toasts
Two slices of bread toasted into perfection, with a light brown color, both slices leaning towards the left

Crunchy strips of bacon
Three red and long crunchy strips of bacon with white fat, edges slightly curled

Folded vegetable omelet
A yellow round omelet flipped in the middle, to cover the red and green vegetable toppings

Brown toasts for breakfast
Three brown slices of bread, with brown grilled marks, stacked on top of one another

A number of rolled breadsticks
Three long brown bread rolls for breakfast, stacked together with the outer layer slightly crumpled

A fun food face for breakfast
A large brown circular meat patty used as a food face to make kids eat, topped with two slices of hard boiled egg that serves as eyes, and a brown sausage that is shaped like a smiling lips

A bowl of cereal with colorful toppings
A short round bowl of yellow corn flakes, topped with milk and multicolored toppings in pink, teal and violet oblong shapes

A bowl of corn cereal
A round white bowl of yellow corn cereal, topped with a heap of white milk at the center

Slices of hard boiled egg
Five slices of hard boiled egg, with a shiny firm egg whites, and bright yellow yolk at the center

A bunch of yellow bananas
Three yellow cavendish bananas, with thick skin and light brown subtle streaks, bundled up in a bunch with light green stem

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