Creepy Clown Collection 2

Creepy Clown Collection 2

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A creepy clown holding a sad bunny toy
A man with white painted face, violet batch of hair on both sides of his almost balding head, a star red paint on his eyes, violet eyebrows, red oval nose and thick lips, wears an orange sweatshirt with black suspender shorts, black shoes with silver buckle and white socks as well as a pair of white gloves, a white joker fan collar, frowns angrily while holding the ears of a sad white bunny toy on his right hand

A creepy clown with orange hair
A scary looking man with white painted face, almost bald head with a curly orange batch of hair on each side of the head, orange eyebrows and eyes, a red star paint on his left eye, red circular nose and painted lips, wearing an orange sweatshirt, black pants and red shoes and white gloves, opens his mouth to green in a creepy way, showing a yellowish set of teeth, left leg lifted to walk in a scary criminal fashion

A creepy tall muscular clown
A muscular man with white painted face, green hair and eyebrows, violet eye shadow, red nose and lips, hairy arms, wears a striped orange and red shirt, white gloves, violet pants suspender and black shoes, smirks win a cocky way

A creepy fat and tall clown
A tall huge man with white painted face and black eyes, green painted lips, electric blue hair and red nose, wearing a striped black and red hanging shirt, showing off his belly, a green suspender shorts, striped red and white tights and purple shoes, white gloves, holds a strand of pink hair on his left hand, mouth opened to grin showing off his yellowish teeth

A creepy joker juggling balls
A crazy looking man with white painted face, wearing a black and red joker outfit, complete with hat, spiky booties and gloves, violet eye paint shaped as a club and diamond, pointed nose with a red tip, huge red lips grinning in hideousness, throws a red and black balls in the air to juggle, right leg lifted slightly

A creepy sad clown
A thin man with large head, white painted face, black smudging eye shadow, round red nose and lips, electric pink hair and eyebrows, wears a white shirt with a huge orange bow tie, suspenders and shorts, pink tights and shoes, white gloves, holds a blue and green balloon on his right hand, mouth sealed in a frown as if he is angry

A creepy clown holding an umbrella
A man with blue creepy eye shadow, red nose and lips, with blood stain on his white painted face, orange spiky hair and a small violet hat, wearing a pink long sleeved shirt, brown suspenders and pants, black shoes, holds a black umbrella with a brown handle on his left hand, as he lifts his right leg in front, as if he is dancing, mouth opened to smile in a scary way

A creepy huge and tall clown
A tall big man with white painted face, green hair and eyebrows, wearing a gray tuxedo coat over a pink long sleeved shirt with red bow tie, dark pink pants and black shoes, white gloves and an orange petal with yellow center on his left chest, holds a black top hat on his right hand, as he smirks in a frightening way, with blood stains on his face, both arms lifted slightly

Tags: alarming | antic | apparel | arms | atrocious | attire | awkward | balloon | big | bouncer | buffoon | bunny | chilling | chubby | clothing | clown | clown around | comedian | comic | costume | creepy | despicable | displeasing | dress | dress up | exhibition | face paint | fat | fool | frightening | frightful | frown | frowning | gag | garb | grin | grinning | hair color | hairy | hideous | horrible | horrifying | host | individual | inflatable | jest | joke | joker | juggle | juggler | juggling | makeup | mortal | muggins | muscular | offensive | person | physique | pink hair | presenting | rabbit | repulsive | sad | sap | saphead | scary | shivery | shuddery | smile | smiling | smirk | somebody | someone | soul | strand | tomfool | top hat | ugly | unattractive | unlovely | wig | wretched |
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