Dinosaur Collection

Dinosaur Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A cool looking Triceratops
A dinosaur popularly known as the Triceratops, with green tough skin, fan like top skull, with two long horns on the forehead and a short spike horn on the nose

A Pteranodon flying high
A dinosaur commonly knows as the Pteranodon, with brown skin, two wings that are spread in the air, a slight elevation in the skull, opens its long beak to gather some food that it has seen

A harmless looking Euornithopod dinosaur
An herbivore dinosaur with two legs commonly known as the Euornithopod type, with orange skin, medium length neck, short arms and long tail, turns its head to the left, head a little spiked

A growling Tyrannosaurus Rex
A scary looking dinosaur called the Tyranosaurus, with green super thick skin, long tail, two short arms and big legs planted on the ground, growling so loud, opening its mouth showing plenty of sharp teeth and red tongue

A gigantic Brontosaurus
A herbivore dinosaur commonly known as the Brontosaurus, looking kind and calm, with pale green skin, long neck an tail, humpy back and four legs on the ground, slightly opens its mouth revealing a red tongue

A Spinosaurus dinosaur in action
A carnivorous dinosaur commonly knows as the Spinosaurus, with thick olive green skin, spiked backbone and forehead, two short arms and two legs on the ground, opens its mouth slightly to show its gritty set of white sharp teeth

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