Dinosaur Collection 4

Dinosaur Collection 4

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Parasaurolophus Dinosaur
A dinosaur with brown skin, grayish green faint stripes on top, long tail, four limbs, and a head with a long crest

A Pentaceratops Dinosaur
A big dinosaur with olive green skin, flour limbs, long tail, a head with spiky brown crest, three horns and a pointed snout

A Spinosaurus Dinosaur
A carnivore dinosaur with brownish olive green skin, four limbs, long tail, orange beige elevated spine that extends to the end of the tail, looks angry with gritty sharp teeth

A Stegosaurus Dinosaur
A dinosaur with brownish beige skin, back with brownish gray large spikes, tail, four limbs, and a brownish gray snout

A Styracosaurus Dinosaur
A large dinosaur with a brownish green skin, big head with a light brown horn, green crest with another pair of horns on top, and a pointed snout

A Torosaurus Dinosaur
A dinosaur with yellowish skin, white underbelly, four limbs, big head with a large crest, two light brown horns as well as a pointed snout

A Triceratops Dinosaur
A big dinosaur with dark grayish green skin, long tail, four limbs with white nails, big head with a large spiked crest with three horns and a pointed snout

A Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur
A big carnivorous dinosaur with brown skin, light brown under belly, long tail, muscular hind limbs, very short front limbs, big head with deadly sharp teeth, parts its mouth to roar

A Velociraptor Dinosaur
A smaller carnivorous dinosaur with two tone green skin that has some faint stripes on top, long tail, muscular hind limbs, short front limbs, as well as some sharp nails and teeth

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