Dogs Dressed In Costumes Collection

Dogs Dressed In Costumes Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Dog In A Spider Costume

A cute dog with fluffy brown coat and droopy ears, wearing a dark brown spider costume with multiple legs

A Dog In A Mighty Lion Costume

An adorable dog with cream colored coat, brown markings on its face, grits its teeth while wearing a lion costume with fake light brown mane and tail

A Dog In An Elephant Costume

A cute puppy with white coat, smiles while wearing an adorable gray elephant costume with a long trunk, pink ears, and tail

A Dog In A Santa Claus Costume

A fluffy dog with light yellow coat, smiles and shows its pink tongue while wearing an adorable red and white Santa Claus costume with a black belt

A Dog In An Elf Costume

A cute puppy with long light brown coat, erect ears, parts its lips to reveal a pink tongue, while wearing a green, white and red elf costume

A Sad Dog In A Cat Costume

A sad dog with white coat, gray muzzle, lone protruding tooth, wearing an orange cat costume with faint stripes

A Dog In A Panda Costume

A dog with long light golden brown coat, sits on the floor while wearing a silly black and white panda costume

A Dalmatian Dog In A Bear Costume

A Dalmatian dog with white coat and black spots, smiles while looking silly as it wears a brown bear costume with pink ears

A Dog In A Ghost Costume

A small dog with light brown coat, erect pink ears, black nose, smiles while sitting on the floor, as it wears a white ghost costume

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