Hindu Deities Collection 2

Hindu Deities Collection 2

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Bundle of images includes the following:

The Hindu God Murugan
A Hindu God called Murugan with a gold with green and white headdress crown, wearing a red robe, red with gold and white loin cloth, beaded and golden metal necklace, wrist, arm and feet bangles, a white paint on the forehead and a golden scepter resting on his right arm

The Hindu Goddess Parvati
A Hindu Goddess called Parvati with four arms and long black hair, wearing a gold headdress, dark red robe gown, flower necklace and lots of golden jewels, hands holding warrior weapons and a bowl of salt, seals her lips to smile while sitting on the floor

The Hindu God Rama
A Hindu God called Rama, with purple skin and wearing a yellow pants with dark red and gold scarf tied around his waist, flower necklace, beads around his arms, a flower headband, hands holding a bow and arrow

The Hindu goddess Saraswati
A Hindu Goddess called Saraswati with long brown hair and four arms, wearing a luxurious golden headdress, light purple gown with pink sleeves, golden necklace and bangles, sits in the floor while playing a veena on two hands, as the other pair of hands hold a white beaded necklace and a beige block with scriptures

The Hindu God Shiva
A Hindu God called Shiva with purple skin and long brown hair, four arms and a green snake wrapped around his neck, sits on the floor while wearing a brown and yellowish loin and fur cloth, arms, hands and neck adorned with brown beaded necklace and bracelet, ears decorated with gold hoop earrings, hands holding a gold and brown scepter and white seashell

The Hindu deity Surya
A Hindu deity called Surya with four arms and long brown hair, golden spiked headdress with crowned jewels, wearing a green long vest and yellow pants, a flower necklace, golden bangles and seated on a blue with gold ruffled cushion, arms holding a white sea shell and spinning a white flower petal

The Hindu God Vishnu
A Hindu God called Vishnu with light blue skin and four arms, wearing a golden headdress with crowned jewels, gold with green pants, jewels all over his body, smiles and dances while holding flowers, scepter and white seashell

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