Male Cheese Makers Collection

Male Cheese Makers Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Male Cheese Maker Inspecting His Products
A man with brown hair, faint mustache, wearing a sky blue toque, white shirt, apron, green pants, brown shoes, smiles while holding a truckle of yellow cheese on his hands, as he stands in front of a brown shelf with three rows that stores several truckles of cheese

A Cheese Maker Inspecting His Cheese Products
A black man with curly hair, wearing a white double breasted chef shirt, green pants, dark brown shoes, smiles while inserting a gray device to poke one of the truckles of cheese placed on layers of a wooden brown shelf

A Male Cheese Maker Scrubbing The Cheese Truckle Rind
A man wearing light blue head and neck wrap, white shirt, brushes the rind of a big truckle of cheese using a brush in his left hand, as he stands behind a gray table with another truckle of cheese on top

A Male Cheese Maker Separating A Truckle Of Cheese In The Middle
A man with blonde hair, wearing white toque hat, white breasted chef uniform, smiles while standing behind a gray desk while holding two round blocks of cheese on a gray board

A Happy Male Cheese Maker Carrying A Cheese Tray
A man with brown black hair, mustache, and beard, wearing a teal shirt, dark grayish teal pants, fuchsia apron, brown shoes, grins while holding a big gray tray with slices of round cheese

A Friendly Male Cheese Maker
A man with blonde hair, wearing a white toque hat, light blue button up short sleeve shirt with pockets, white pants, dark gray shoes, smiles while carrying two truckles of cheese

A Chubby Man Lifting A Cheese Truckle That He Made
A chubby man with orange blonde hair, wearing a white dress shirt, dark grayish teal apron, dark brown pants, black shoes, smiles while lifting a dark yellow truckle of cheese

A Man Carrying Stacks Of Cheese Truckles
A man with black hair, wearing a blue toque, white dress shirt, blue pants, black shoes, grins while carrying three stacks of yellow cheese truckles

A Man Checking The Quality Of His Cheese
A man with brown hair, wearing a white cap, apron, purple polo shirt, brown pants, black shoes, smiles while holding a triangular cut of yellow cheese in his right hand, as hee stands behind a brown shelf with three rows that displays several yellow truckles of cheese

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