Male Film Directors Collection

Male Film Directors Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Male Film Director Speaking Into Megaphone
A man with curly brown hair, wearing a blue beret, jacket, red scarf, black pants, dark gray boots, speakes while holding a white megaphone

A Male Film Director Framing A Shot
A man with curly dark brown hair and faint mustache, wearing a yellow jacket over a white shirt, dark teal pants, dark gray shoes, smiles while raising his palms to frame a scene, as he stands behind a black digital film camera on a tripod

A Male Film Director Getting Ready For A Take
A man with black hair, wearing a pair of black sunglasses, green cap, lilac purple sweatshirt, gray pants, blue with white sneakers, saying something using a red and white megaphone, while sitting on a brown chair as he holds a black with yellow and white clapper board while filming a movie

An Energetic Male Film Director
A man with blonde hair, wearing a green sweatshirt, black cargo pants, dark brown shoes, smiling in an excitedly passionate way while holding a roll of paper in his right hand, as he directs a scene while standing beside a black digital film camera on a tripod

A Male Film Director Looking Into The Camera Lens
A man with blonde hair, and goatee, wearing a teal button up short sleeves shirt with collar, white pants, dark gray shoes, squatting slightly while shutting his left eye and smiles as his left eye looks into the eyepiece of his black digital film camera on a tripod

A Male Film Director Looking For The Perfect Shot
A man with blonde hair and mustache, wearing a green with white cap, violet jacket over a white shirt, dark gray pants, brown shoes, smiles while lifting his hands to frame a scene, as he stands beside a black digital film camera on a tripod

A Young Male Film Director
A man with brown hair, wearing a dark bluish gray shirt with folded sleeves, black pants, brown shoes, parts his lips while lifting his left index finger forward to point at something, as he carries a black with yellow clapper board in his right hand while standing beside a black digital film camera on a tripod

A Male Film Director Sitting On A Chair
A man with blonde hair, mustache and beard, wearing a blue beret, a pair of round orange sunglasses, pink long sleeves shirt, purple pants, green shoes, smirks while holding a red and white megaphone in his right hand, as he sits on a folding chair with the word director written at the back the thin white backrest

A Male Film Director Holding A Clapper Board
A man with long brown hair, wearing a brown with white and yellow cap, red rimmed eyeglasses, gray shirt, sky blue pants, black and white sneakers, smiles while holding a white with dark gray clapper board, as he gets ready to film a new scene

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