Money Collection 9

Money Collection 9

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A black (African American) woman trying to catch flying money with a net
A black (African American) woman with hair tied up in a bun, wearing a pale purple suit jacket over a light gray tube blouse, red mini skirt, long black boots, parts her lips while trying to catch a flying green dollar with white wings, using a dark brown net with handle in her left hand, a beige brown bag of money is being held by her right hand

A woman chasing money down the street
A woman with curly orange hair, wearing a light blue shirt, red skirt and black shoes, parts her lips in surprise while chasing a flying green cash

A woman standing next to a big stack of coins
A woman with short wavy brown hair, wearing a gray skirted suit over a white blouse, gray stockings, and black heels, parts her lips to smile while leaning on a stack of big gold coins to her right, as her left hand holds four green cash money

A brunette woman holding bags of money in her hands
A woman with brown black hair, wearing a green shirt, reddish pink cropped leggings, purple flats, parts her lips to smile while holding a grayish beige bag of money in dollar currency in both her hands

A woman standing under an umbrella as money rains down on her
A woman with black hair, wearing a grayish blue skirted suit over a light gray blouse, and red heels, shuts her eyes and smirks, a number of green cash and gold coins rain down on her, while holding an opened blue umbrella in her right hand, as the back of her left hand rests on her hip

A woman sitting on top of a stack of gold coins
A woman with wavy brown hair, wearing a dark blue skirted suit, and black heels, parts her lips to smile, hands placed on her hips, while seated on top of stacks of big gold coins

A woman running away with her money
A woman with curly brown hair, wearing a pale pink dress with yellow orange belt, and black heels, parts her lips to smile, as she runs away with a brown bag of dollars in her right hand, and a bunch of green cash in her left hand

A woman holding a bunch of cash in her hands
A woman with black hair, wearing a midnight blue pantsuit over a white blouse, and black shoes, smiles while holding up bunches of green cash money in her hands

A woman holding a money magnet
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a gray skirted suit and black shoes, smirks while holding a big U shaped red magnet with silver tips, that is attracting every green cash around

Download the infinitely scalable vector graphic for the price shown, instantly. Our commercial use license is very liberal and easy to understand.
  • Use in YouTube videos
  • Use in blog posts
  • Print out and use in personal projects
  • Print and use in crafts for sale
  • Print on merchandise for sale
  • Edit and modify
  • Use on Pinterest
  • Use on Facebook
  • Use On Twitter
  • Use in a slide presentation
  • Use in marketing materials (print, video, web)
  • Use in client work

You can NOT relicense our clipart without permission. This means you can't sell, lend or give our clipart to a third party to use in their own projects.

See the entire license here.

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