Office Workers Collection 8

Office Workers Collection 8

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A woman putting the office mail in the respective mail slots
A woman with short wavy black hair, wearing a midnight blue sleeveless top and skirt, black shoes, smirks while putting white envelopes in the white mailbox

A woman finding something from the document shelf
A woman with ponytailed black hair, wearing a blue blouse with collar, dark gray skirt and shoes, smirks while finding a folder from the white shelf

A woman photocopying a document
A woman with brown hair, wearing a black suit and skirt over a blue blouse, and black heels, smirks while duplicating a document using the cream colored photocopy machine

A sad female employee with a pile of work to do
A woman with brown hair, wearing a dirty white collared shirt, frowns while looking up a pile of white paper, as she sits behind a sky blue desk, left hand placed below her left jaw, as right hand holds a pen on top of a white paper

A cheerful female black office worker
A black (African American) woman with curly dark brown hair, wearing a light blue collared blouse under a yellowish beige suit, parts her lips to smile and talk while sitting behind a gray desk, with a gray desktop computer, keyboard, white papers and a document organizer

A happy female employee taking calls
A black (African American) woman with black hair, wearing a lavender long sleeved blouse, sitting behind a wooden yellowish desk, with a black desktop computer and keyboard, as she speaks on the other line using a black telephone, while writing on a piece of white paper using the pen in her left hand

A frustrated female employee with a pile of paperwork
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a black suit over a gray collared blouse, sits behind a wooden desk with stacks of white paper, frowns and sweats as she places her hands on the sides of her head in frustration

A female employee getting a document
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a bluish gray skirt suit, beige blouse and black heels, smirks while getting a paper from the dark grayish blue document organizer placed on a gray desk, left hand holding a white bond paper

A female employee looking for a file
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a white dress shirt, black skirt and heels, smirks while going through the different sections of a beige file cabinet

Tags: administrative body | administrative unit | adult | agency | being | bond paper | book shelf | building | business | business establishment | business office | cabinet | call | calling | check | clue | collect | computer | confident | conversation | copying | curly | desk | desktop | document | duplicate | duty | female | female person | file | filing | find | finding | folder | folders | frustrated | fully grown | function | get | grownup | handset | happy | individual | job | line of work | look | look for | looking | lot | machine | mail | mailbox | many | mature | mortal | occupation | office | office staff | office workers | organize | overtime | panic | panicking | paper | paperwork | part | pen | person | phone call | photocopier | photocopy | photocopying | pile | place of business | position | post | pressure | role | scan | scanning | search | section | see | shelf | smile | somebody | someone | soul | staff | stand | storage | stress | stressed | stressful | sweating | sweaty | table | talk | talking | telephone | think | thinking | type | typing | white paper | woman | wondering | worker | write | writing | xerox |
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