People Moving Collection 1

People Moving Collection 1

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A male mover with three boxes
A male courier employee, wearing a blue violet cap, shirt, dark blue pants and gray shoes, smirk while holding a stroller to move around the three brown boxes stacked on top of each other

Two women carrying boxes
Two women in home clothes, carrying two boxes of different sizes on their hands, as they prepare to move out of their house

A couple helping each other lift a sofa
A man with brown hair, wearing a blue shirt, gray pants and yellowish gray shoes, smirks while carrying the other end of the cream colored sofa, together with his wife with blonde hair, wearing a gray sweatshirt, mint green leggings and shoes

A couple takes a break from packing things before moving
A man with curly light brown hair and faint facial stubble, wearing a gray polo shirt and violet pants, sitting on the floor surrounded by brown boxes of different sizes, while using his gray laptop, as his wife with wavy brown hair, wearing a gray blouse and pink pants smirk while sealing one medium sized box

A couple packing their dinnerware
A woman with ponytailed orange hair, wearing a light green sleeveless blouse, gray pants and tan colored flats, smirk while holding a green plate, as she looks on to her husband with light brown hair, wearing a blue collared sweatshirt, light pink pants and gray shoes, carry two brown boxes

A couple arranging the boxes they will use for moving out
A woman with orange hair, wearing a mint green sweater and pinkish purple pants, kneel on the floor surrounded by brown boxes of different sizes, with her husband with brown hair, wearing a grayish blue collared shirt, blue pants and brown shoes, while they arrange the big box in front of them

A couple helping each other move some heavy boxes
A man with gray hair, wearing a yellow shirt, denim jeans and gray pants, carrying three big brown boxes, with the help of his wife with curly brown hair, wearing a pink sleeveless top, light yellow leggings and gray flats

Two male movers lifting a sofa
Two male movers wearing a green cap, polo shirt, gray and blue pants, black shoes, smile while trying to lift a gray sofa chair

A woman carrying two heavy boxes
A woman with brown hair, wearing a reddish pink bandana and shoes, orange sleeveless top and gray top, smiles while carrying two boxes in her hands

Tags: box | boxes | break | carry | chair | change | change of state | courier | dinnerware | go | help | helping | home | house | individual | laptop | lift | masses | modern | move | move in | move out | movement | mover | movers | moving | moving in | pack | package | packaging | people | people moving | people moving out | person | plate | plates | remove | seal | shift | ship | shipping | sofa | somebody | someone | stroller | take out | things | transfer | transferral | transport | transportation | transpose | travel | trolley | unpack | unpacking |
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