Pit Bull Collection

Pit Bull Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

An adult Pit Bull dog guarding the area
An adult dog with beige and white short fur, looking out to guard the perimeter

A Pit Bull puppy
A puppy with light brown and white short fur, reddish brown nose, walks ahead

A Pit Bull dog on guard
An adult Pit Bull, dog with reddish brown and white short fur, stands guard around the perimeter

A black Pit Bull dog
An adult Pit Bull dog with black short fur and white chest, looks ahead while opening its mouth to show a pink tongue

An adult Pit Bull dog
An adult Pit Bull with dark gray short fur, and white chest and paws, sits on the surface while looking ahead

A friendly Pit Bull dog
An adult dog with white short fur, looks ahead while showing its pink tongue

A resting Pit Bull dog
An adult dog with brown short fur and strip of white fur on its chest and neck, rests on the floor while tilting its head

A strong Pit Bull dog
An adult Pit Bull dog with gray and white short fur, opening its mouth, exposing its sharp teeth and pink tongue

A sad Pit Bull dog
An adult dog with light brown and white short fur, sitting on the floor, tilting its head while looking sad

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