Sad Women Collection

Sad Women Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A woman feeling depressed and gloomy
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a white sleeveless top, purple pants, yellow with orange high cut shoes, sitting on a blue sofa chair, looking sad while crying, as she places her right hand on her forehead

A female student upset over her grades
A young woman with black hair, wearing a white blouse, blue shorts, striped pink and white socks, sitting on a brown couch with an orange pillow, as she sulks in sadness, a gray bag hangs on her right shoulder

An Indian woman frustrated with her job
An Indian woman with long black hair, wearing a green long sleeved blouse, red skirt and dark pink shoes, sitting on a wooden stool behind a wooden console table, as she shuts her eyes and grits her teeth in frustration after reading something from her gray laptop

A black (African American) woman agonizing over the death of a person
A black (African American) woman with curly hair, wearing a pink sleeveless top, denim jeans and red shoes, closes her eyes and frowns to weep in sadness and agony, as she lays down a bouquet of flowers in her left hand

A sad woman sitting on a park bench
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a pink sleeveless top, purple pants and blue flats, sitting on a light brown wooden bench, looking sad and lonely, right arm resting on top of the backrest

A woman crying alone
A woman with curly brown hair, wearing a green sleeveless top, dark teal pants and gray shoes, sits on the floor while leaning on the grayish brown sofa, eyes shut in sadness, as right hand touches her right cheek

A woman sulks on her sofa
A woman with blond hair, wearing a gray sweater, black pants and orange pants, sitting on a white sofa chair, looking sad and gloomy, as she rests her head on top of her hands, that is placed on the left armrest of the chair

A sad pretty lady sitting on a chair
A woman with brown hair, wearing a red dress and pink heels, sitting on a teal with gray chair, while looking sad and lonely

A sad woman walking home
A woman with ponytailed black hair, wearing a yellow collared blouse, pink pants and orange flats, a blue bag hanging on her left shoulder, bows down while walking, while looking sad and depressed

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