Women Doing Yoga Collection 2

Women Doing Yoga Collection 2

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Bundle of images includes the following:

Lynn Doing Bridge Yoga Pose

An Asian woman wearing yellow yoga pants, a green shirt, and round eyeglasses, laying on the floor with her knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and her arms clasped together as she lifts her hips off the ground to form bridge yoga pose

Isabella Doing Tree Yoga Pose

A Hispanic woman with dark brown hair, wearing white shorts, and a red shirt, balancing on one leg with her other foot resting on her inner thigh, and her palms pressed together in front of her chest to form the tree yoga posture

Jackie Doing Chair Yoga Pose

A black woman wearing purple yoga pants, and a pink tank top, bending her knees, and sticking her hips back as if about to sit on a chair, and reaches her arms up towards the sky to do chair yoga pose

Maggie Doing Extended Triangle Yoga Pose

A black woman with long, wavy hair, wearing orange shorts, and a yellow tank top, stretching her legs apart, and reaching her one hand down to the ground, while her other arm reaches up towards the sky, and she is looking up towards it

Connie Doing Bow Yoga Pose

An Asian woman wearing red shorts, and a blue tank top, reaching back and grabbing her feet with her hands as she lifts her thighs and chest off the ground to do bow yoga pose

Lisa Doing Cobra Yoga Pose

A black woman wearing pink yoga pants, and a white t-shirt, lying on her belly with her legs extended behind her, and pressing into the ground with her hands and lifting her head and chest off the ground to do cobra pose

Stacey Doing Warrior 1 Yoga Pose

A woman with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing black with pink yoga pants, and a black with pink tank top, bends her front leg, while her back leg is stretched behind her and her foot is flat on the floor at a 45 degree angle, and reaches her arms up towards the sky as she faces forward

Pat Doing Warrior 2 Yoga Pose

A chubby woman with blonde hair, wearing blue shorts, and a white tank top, bending her front leg while stretching her back leg behind her, and reaching her arms up and our to the sides, and turning her head to the front to do warrior 2 yoga pose

Mary Doing Downward Dog Yoga Pose

A mature woman with gray hair, wearing yellow shorts and a white shirt, presses her palms into the ground, head between her hands, and tilts her hips towards the sky with her feet reaching towards the ground to create an upside down v shape known as downward dog posture

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