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Graphics for wedding invitations

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When it comes to wedding invitations, there are more options available to the modern bride and groom than there ever were; from do-it-yourself templates available online, to hiring a graphic designer or  designing your own invitation from scratch. When you consider all the possibilities, it can seem overwhelming.

Think about what will go on the card
Before thinking about graphics or fonts, your invites need to be functional and relay information. Creating a basic outline of the information you want to include is a good idea and will give you a good idea of how much text

Think about the basic visual elements
When designing your invitation, think about the visuals (graphics, photos, decoration, flourishes, borders, accents) the scale as they relate to your text and their composition or arrangement. Do you want to have a large photo in your invite? If so, you might want to scale down the size of your text or move some things inside the card or on the back. You can have your visual element be a border that runs along top your invitation or encases your text.

Keep it simple
When it comes to design, “keep it simple” is a good guide in order to keep your invitation from looking too cluttered and confusing. You can choose a single strong graphical element, like a photo or a border or pattern and have the text remain simple.

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Eleanor Mayrhofer of EM Papers gives some excellent tips when designing your own invite:
1. Think about how much text and imagery you want/need first.
2. Visual and text elements should contrast one another, or support each other without fighting for prominence.
3. Designs with a border should leave a comfortable amount of space between the border and the text, as well as the border element

and the edge of the actual card.
4. Designs without a border should have an ‘invisible border’ of at least a quarter inch of space around the physical edge of the card.

Read the rest of her post at for more tips and ideas.

Here are some design ideas for your invitations. Check out examples of the below  ideas on our Pinterest Board.

Hand drawnFrom fonts to flowers and flourishes, hand drawn is a huge trend in design and in wedding invites.

Elegant and Traditional  – Not so much a trend as a preference that never goes out of style.

Modern PatternsBold, bright and fun.

FunnyWhy so serious? Check out the clever and humorous ways these couples handled their invites.

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