About Us

Premium Quality Royalty-Free Vector Graphics

Some clip art sites charge an arm and a leg for their art. In addition, many also have highly restrictive licensing. Hi, I'm Brad Gosse. I've always felt that buying quality clip art shouldn't leave your bank account dry. So when I needed clip art for a project of mine, I wasn't satisfied with what I found. It was either of poor quality or far too expensive for the license I needed. At that moment, I had an epiphany...

What if I searched for talented artists, hired them full-time, and started my own clip art company?

And that's exactly what I did. Welcome to VectorToons.com... the kind of clip art website I tried to find -- but couldn't.

How are we better? Glad you asked...

  • All of our art is vector-based... so it's infinitely scalable. 
  • Our art is 100% exclusive & original.
  • We Love Artists! We pay above market rates to our illustrators.
  • We offer an extremely liberal usage license. (Click Here for the details.)
  • Each digital "box cover" show EXACTLY what's included. There's no guessing.
  • You can use our art for a wide variety of purposes. This includes print work, book covers, t-shirts, signs, brochures, websites, whiteboard videos, presentations... and much more.
  • We offer amazing VALUE. Some clip art sites charge as much as $100 for images with the same level of licensing we offer.
  • We process your payment through Shopify. That means your transaction is 100% safe & secure.
  • We want you to be 100% satisfied. If you buy clip art from us and find it doesn't suit your needs, we'll even exchange it for you... with no hassle.
  • Your purchase is available for immediate download. Our art is digitally delivered.
At VectorToons.com we listen. Have a suggestion or question? Ask us... we're ready to help! Yours For Better Clip Art... Brad Gosse P.S. Look around our site! You'll find some cool, FREE sample art. :)