50s Collection Men In Underwear Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A guy posing confidently in his undergarment set
A man with brown hair and blue eyes, wears a light blue sleeveless shirt, striped blue and white shorts with white waist band, smirks as he crosses his arms on his chest

A man proudly shows off his muscles while wearing his undergarment
A man with tanned skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, wears a light blue sleeveless shirt, striped green and white shorts, grins as he places his left hand behind his head, as right hand rests on his hip

A man drying himself after a shower
A man with curly brown hair, wearing a light blue shorts, wipes the back of his neck with a white towel with red single stripe near each end, that he is holding with both hands while smirking

A man carrying a towel after a shower
A man with blonde hair and blue eyes, wears a white round neck shirt and briefs, holds with his left hand a light green towel that is hanging on his left shoulder, as he places the back side of his right hand on his hip, lips sealed in a smirk while looking ahead

A muscular man in his boxer shorts
A blonde man with wavy hair and mustache, wears a striped light blue and mustard yellow shorts, grins while placing both hands on his hips

A lean and muscular man in his underwear flexes his arm
A nicely built blonde man with blue eyes, wears a tight green shirt and white boxer briefs, smiles with his lips sealed while standing straight, lifting his right hand to show his fist

A man confidently poses in his underwear
A man with dark brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a pale orange shirt and white briefs, opens his mouth to smile as he raise both arms to his sides

A man looking fresh and handsome after a shower
A man with black hair and tanned skin, wears a striped orange and white shorts, sporting his six pack abs, places a white towel around his neck, as he smirks with sealed lips

A man flexing his arms while wearing briefs
A man with rosy pink skin, golden blonde hair and blue eyes, wears a gray sleeveless shirt and white briefs, smiles with lips sealed as he flexes his right arm to show his biceps, left hand placed in top of his tummy

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