A Shy Female Stripper At Inside A Messy Meeting Room Cartoon Clipart



A woman with shaggy dark brown hair, wearing an orange one piece strapless lingerie with white lace trims, long white stockings, a pair of orange heels, gold hoop earrings, smirks while posing sexily, left hand placed on top of her chest, as right hand rests on top of her hip. Set in the scene of a board room after the employees left it for a break, white papers scattered on the floor, a green line chart graph in a brown frame is hanging on the corner of its beige walls, calendar pinned on a pillar, two wooden stools tucked in the corner, several black laptops are left on the circular beige tables, four beige foldable chairs are placed on both edges of the tables, a nice silhouette of the city is visible from the glass windows .

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