Angry Women Collection Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


Bundle of images includes the following:

A woman in an evening gown standing with her hands on her hips and an angry look on her face
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a lavender dress and red heels, frowns while looking furious, hands placed on her hips

A blonde woman in a furious rage
A woman with ponytailed blonde hair, wearing a pink collared shirt, brown pants, green flats with white soles, grits her teeth while clenching her fist, a smoke plummets out of her ears in anger

A woman yelling something into her megaphone
A woman with curly black hair, wearing a gray skirt suit and black shoes, shuts her eyes while screaming, as she holds a red and white megaphone in her right hand

An irritated and annoyed young woman folding her arms across her chest
A woman with black hair, wearing a purple sleeveless top, white pants and yellow heels, frowns in anger, arms crossed over her chest

An annoyed woman scolding somebody
A woman with short blonde hair, wearing a gold hoop earrings, blue sleeveless dress and flats, parts her lips to scream in anger, as right index finger points at somebody in disappointment

A woman getting angry at the phone
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a black suit, skirt and heels, sitting on a blue with white chair, grits her teeth in anger while looking at the dark teal telephone handset in her left hand

A black (African American) woman yelling in frustration
A black (African American) woman with short curly hair, wearing a yellow orange dress and red flats, screaming in anger and madness, hands slight lifted in frustration

An Indian woman getting angry while surfing the internet
A woman with dark hair and skin, wearing a blue sweatshirt, pearl earrings, green skirt and black heels, with a red mark on her forehead, grits her teeth and clenches her right hand in anger, while sitting on the floor and looking at the monitor of her gray laptop

A woman getting frustrated and pulling at her hair
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a green sleeveless tank top, denim jeans, purple flats, looks up, grits her teeth and grabs her hair in frustration

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