Art Supplies Collection Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


Bundle of images includes the following:

A Blank Canvas on an easel
A tall easel in natural oak color, with a white rectangular canvas

Tubes Of Oil Paints
Three gray tubes of oil paint in green, red and yellow

A Watercolor Palette And Brush
A pink tray of water color with twelve round slots for different colors, a sleek teal paintbrush with a blonde brush

A Paintbrush Set
A set of paintbrushes with blonde bristles, dark blue handle and silver ferrule, placed upright in a blue brush holder

A Notepad And A Pencil
A rectangular white paper in portrait view, with five black round binders, and a sharpened yellow pencil with pink eraser placed on top

Colored Pencils
Nine sharpened pencils in different colors, looking sharp and bright

Colorful Crayons
Five crayons in different colors, spread out nicely on a surface

Two pairs of craft Scissors
Two pairs of scissors in pink with powder blue, and apple green with yellow plastic shell covering, and a stainless zigzag blade

A Paint Palette And Brush
A wooden paint palette with dollops of yellow, pink, blue and green oil paint, as well as a brush with a blonde tip, brown handle and gray ferrule