At The Dentist Collection Carol Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


9 Royalty Free Clipart Cartoons:

  • A Dentist Assisting A Woman To Enter His Dental Clinic
  • A Dentist Performing Tooth Extraction On A Female Patient
  • A Dentist Handing Out A Cup Of Water To A Woman
  • A Happy Woman Giving Thanks To Her Dentist After A Tooth Extraction
  • A Dentists Checking The Teeth Of A Woman
  • A Dentist And A Girl Posing After A Successful Dental Extraction
  • A Dentist Getting Ready To Check The Teeth Condition Of A Woman
  • A Dentist Teaching A Woman The Benefits Of Brushing Her Teeth
  • A Dentist Checking The Insides Of The Mouth Of A Female Patient

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