Baked Goods Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A wrapped dessert
A baked puff pastry wrap with red strawberry jam filling

A cinnamon swirl
A round bread swirl baked until it is golden brown

A delicious ice cream sandwich
A white and vanilla flavored ice cream squeezed in the middle of two golden brown round cookies

A piece of sweet donut
A round donut with a hole in the center, glazed with white frosting and swirled with some pink strawberry syrup

A delicious looking croissant
A piece of golden brown and flaky croissant, with edges slightly bent in shape of a crescent moon

Freshly baked and hot baguettes
Two golden brown baked baguettes on top of each other, each bread has three slits on it

Yummy chocolate chip cookies
Three brown cookies baked to perfection, two of the cookies are stacked on top of each other as the third cookie lays on the side, all cookies are topped with brown chocolate chips

A slice of NY style cheesecake
A slice of cheesecake with white chocolate crust, light brown filling and dark brown top

A pair of raisin cupcakes
Two yellowish brown baked cupcakes in transparent cupcake linings, with brown raisins on top

A sweet cupcake with cherry on top
A yellow sponge cake placed in a brown paper cupcake, with white whipped cream swirl and a red maraschino cherry with stem on top

A gingerbread man cookie
A brown cookie cut into a shape of a gingerbread man, with brown colored frosting, with black eyes, smiling lips and two buttons

A crunchy sweet square biscuit
A brown and square crunchy pair of crackers, with protruding rounded edges

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