Birthday Collection 2 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Chocolate Birthday Cake With Candles
A round chocolate cake with aqua blue piped icing and pink flower sugar candies, as well as three lighted blue with white striped candles

A Birthday Party Hat
A party hat with yellow, green, blue, orange and purple swirl design, and a white with pink speckles feather outlining the base

A Bunch of Birthday Balloons
Six party balloons in red, blue, purple, green and yellow, secured by white sticks and a yellow cylinder with a purple bow

Boxes Of Birthday Presents
Three boxes of gifts in purple, pale red and sky blue wrapping paper, with ribbons in green, purple and yellow

A Happy Birthday Banner
A colorful streamer attached to a black string, with each letter printed on a half oval flag, spelling the words Happy Birthday

A Party Popper
A conical party popper in yellow and purple wavy design, light blue base and a black string, popping out some colorful confetti

A Party Horn
A party horn in red tube, gray holder and purple coil

A Birthday Cupcake
A chocolate birthday cupcake in a blue paper liner, white piped icing with colorful sprinkles, and a striped red and white lighted candle

Two Swirly Lollipops
Two round party lollipops of different sizes, in colorful swirls of pink and yellow, as well as a blue with white for the smaller lollipop, adorned with an aqua green and orange ribbons