Committing Suicide Collection Tom Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


9 Royalty Free Clipart Cartoons:

  • A Man Attempting To Kill Himself By Taking A Lot Of Pills
  • A Man About To Drown Himself In The Sea By Weighing His Body Down With A Heavy Rock
  • A Man Trying To Commit Suicide By Slashing His Wrist With A Knife
  • A Man Attempts To Commit Suicide By Stabbing Himself In The Chest
  • A Man Attempting To Commit Suicide By Hanging His Neck From A Rope
  • A Man About To Commit Suicide By Jumping Off The Ledge Of A Building
  • A Man Jumping Off A High City Building
  • A Man Trying To Kill Himself By Shooting His Head With A Hand Gun
  • A Man About To Shoot His Chin With A Revolver

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