Confused Women Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A woman having a shopping dilemma
A woman with short blond hair, wearing a white sweatshirt, blue pencil skirt and dark pink flats, parts her lips in confusion on which green dress in both her hands would she buy

A woman confused by something she read on the internet
A woman with blond hair, wearing a sleeveless pink tank top, gray leggings, blue with white rubber shoes, sitting on the floor, lifts her left hand to scratch her head, right hand holding a red laptop, as her lips are parted in confusion

A woman becoming confused with her studies
A woman with orange blonde hair, wearing purple blouse and skirt, violet heels, crosses her legs while sitting on a brown stool behind a desk, parts her lips in confusion, as she holds a yellow with pink pen in her right hand

A woman walking and thinking about something
A woman with black hair, wearing a brown shirt with orange collar, gray belt, orange shorts and white tennis shoes, walks while carrying a gray mobile tablet in her right hand, as left index finger is raised and touching her left cheek while she is thinking

A confused young woman looking at her laptop
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a yellow dress under a short sleeved denim jacket, a pair of red heels, sitting on a brown chair, with a gray laptop on her lap, right hand holds a dark gray pen, lips frowning in confusion

A woman is confused while speaking to someone on the phone
A woman with dark violet hair, wearing an orange blouse, gray pencil skirt and a pair of dark gray flats, grits her teeth in confusion while scratching her head with her left hand, as she speaks on the other line using the gray cellphone in her right hand

A confused Indian woman
A woman with long curly brown black hair and brown skin, wearing a traditional white and gold Hindu dress and orange shoes, a red mark on her forehead, parts her lips and raises her hands sideways to shrug in confusion

An Asian woman makes a confusing video call
A woman with black hair, wearing a red with gold shirt, brown pants and pink with white shoes, sitting on a gray chair, scratches her head using her right hand in confusion, as she makes a video call to someone using the gray cellphone in her left hand

A confused black (African American) woman reading a book
A black (African American) woman with curly hair, wearing a pink with white jacket, orange jeans, blue with white shoes, sitting on a brown stool, parts her lips in confusion, as she reads the blue book in her right hand, while her left hand is raised to scratch her head

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