Custom Cartoon Created For T-Shirts And Other Printables Cartoon Clipart

$97 $67



Need custom graphics for your t-shirt designs?

Want your t-shirts to stand out from the crowd?

Want to have stickers made with your own unique design?


My expert artists will create a cartoon of any character or object you want designed for your t-shirts or any other printable products like stickers, mugs and more. All you have to do is give us a detailed description of what you want and one of our team members will create it for you. It will be a vector graphic, so it’s infinitely scalable, from icons to billboards.

The same great features and quality you get from Vector Toons graphics… but custom, just for you.

A custom toon like this normally costs $97. But I want to get more examples for building this business area of Vector Toons. For a short time, I’m running a special for only $67. And if you buy now, you can lock in as many of those as you want at that price, just use them whenever you want!

You get the full vector version AND you own the copyright (and resale rights) to the image.

Take advantage of this great deal NOW, I reserve the right to remove it at any time.

Delivers in 1-2 weeks.

Please note, cartoon is of 1 character or object only, so if you want to add a background or another character simply increase your quantity. 1 for 1 character, 2 for 2 characters, 2 for 1 character plus a background etc.

If you have a bulk order (20+ images), please contact me for a custom quote.

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