Dental Office Staff Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A professional dentist standing with her arms folded across her chest
A woman with black hair, wearing a black framed eyeglasses, white lab coat, gray pants and heels, crosses her arms over her chest while smiling

A lovely dental assistant with brown hair
A woman with brown hair, wearing a violet shirt over another purple shirt, dark gray pants and white shoes, steps her left foot forward while smiling

A humble dental hygienist clasping her hands
A woman with brown hair tied up neatly, wearing a gold necklace, black shirt, light blue pants and blue with white rubber shoes, smirks while holding her hands together

A proud dental assistant
A woman with long dark blonde hair, wearing a dark bluish gray with sky blue shirt, dark bluish gray pants and shoes, smiles while placing both hands on her hips

A poised dental office receptionist
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a blue dress with plenty of white semi circle prints, under a long dark gray sweater, beige heeled shoes, smiles while placing her left hand on her hip

A beautiful dental hygienist wearing black and purple scrubs
A woman with brown hair, wearing a dark gray sweatshirt under a violet medical scrub top, dark gray pants and black with teal and white colored rubber shoes, smiling ahead

A pretty dental assistant in pink scrubs
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a pink medical scrub suit, dark purple with gray and white rubber shoes, smiles while holding her hands together

A kind dental hygienist with curly brown hair
A woman with curly blonde hair styled neatly, wearing a dark gray sweatshirt and pants, under the light blue scrub top with fish prints, green rubber shoes, and black eye glasses, smirks while looking ahead

A smiling dental office receptionist
A woman with black hair braided neatly, wearing a silver necklace, white shirt with Aztec like prints, under an orange cardigan, dark gray leggings and heels, smiles while looking ahead

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