Dinosaur Collection 2 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

An Allosaurus Dinosaur
A muscular carnivorous dinosaur with two tone brown skin, sharp teeth, long tail, big limbs, smaller forelimbs, parts its mouth while running

An Ankylosaurus Dinosaur
A dinosaur with spiky back, brown skin, four limbs, long tail with a thick end, looking tough and ready to defend itself

An Apatosaurus Dinosaur
A big dinosaur with two tone gray skin, long neck, small head, a hump, long tail, four limbs, looking nice and kind

A Baryonyx Dinosaur
A dinosaur with a light brownish beige skin and gray back stripes, long tail, hump, small and short forelimbs, bigger hind limbs, sharp small teeth, long snout, parts its lips while walking

A Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
A big and tall dinosaur with gray and beige skin, really long neck and small head, whip like tail, four limbs, parts its lips to smile in delight

A Ceratosaurus Dinosaur
A scary dinosaur with two tone brown skin, back with small spikes, long whip tail, short forelimbs, muscular hind limbs, head with horn core, parts its lips to yell in anger

A Dilophosaurus Dinosaur
A creepy thin dinosaur with yellow green skin and green spots, short forelimbs, supportive hind limbs, wide neck frill with red marks, parts its lips to show its sharp teeth while walking

A Gallimimus Dinosaur
A dinosaur with two tone pink skin, long tail, neck, muscular hindlimbs, shorter forelimbs, and feathers on its head

A Kentrosaurus Dinosaur
A dinosaur with grayish green tough skin, brown spikes on its back, long tail, four limbs, and short neck