Dinosaur Collection 3 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

An Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur
A dinosaur with two tone brown skin, white under belly and face with brown marks, a spiky back, hind limbs, shorter front limbs, parts its lips to reveal a sharp teeth

An Archaeornithomimus Dinosaur
A dinosaur with olive green skin, long tail, slim face with no teeth, crooked hind limns and short front limbs

A Camarasaurus Dinosaur
A big dinosaur with a long neck, small head, long tail, four limbs, dark olive green skin with gray stripes spreading from the top

A Chasmosaurus Dinosaur
A large dinosaur with light brown skin, four limbs, medium length tail with hair, a head with frill and short horns, as well as a pointed mouth

A Corythosaurus Dinosaur
A tall dinosaur with olive green skin, long tail, long hindlimbs, shorter front limbs, and a head with a beige bony crest and mouth

An Edmontosaurus Dinosaur
A large dinosaur with yellowish beige and white marks, spiked back, muscular hindlimbs, shorter front limbs, parts its mouth to make a sound

A Mamenchisaurus Dinosaur
A large and tall dinosaur with a very long neck, small head, four limbs, long tail, dark brownish beige skin with scattered yellowish beige underbelly tone

A Metriacanthosaurus Dinosaur
A muscular and scary dinosaur with a large head, sharp teeth, flexible hind limbs and shorter front limbs with sharp nails, long tail, two tone brown skin, runs after something that it is chasing

An Ornithopod Dinosaur
An old dinosaur with light green skin, yellow underbelly, long tail, bony head, and four limbs