Embarrassed Men Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

An embarrassed businessman
A man with blond hair, wearing a midnight blue suit and pants, white dress shirt with white and blue necktie, black shoes, lifting his right palm forward, shuts his right eye while slapping his forehead with his left hand in embarrassment

An embarrassed and shy guy
A man with brown hair, wearing a pale red shirt, blue jeans, gray with white sneakers, sit on the floor while covering his mouth with his hands in embarrassment

An embarrassed black (African American) man hiding a piece of chicken behind his back
A bald black guy wearing a blue shirt, black pants, neon green with white sneakers, smiles while hiding a cooked chicken leg in his left hand behind his back, as a slather of ketchup stains the side of his mouth and shirt

An embarrassed host choking up on stage
A man with dark brown hair and mustache, , wearing a pink pantsuit, white dress shirt, yellow necktie and black shoes, grins in embarrassment, while touching his throat with his left hand, as his right hand holds up a dark gray microphone

An embarrassed Asian man being splattered by mud on the street
A man with black hair, wearing a blue long sleeved shirt, dark gray belt and shoes, midnight blue pants, left hand holding a gray suitcase, as he shuts his right eye and slightly cringes in embarrassment, after a splatter of mid stained the left side of his face and clothes

An embarrassed man making a mistake during his speech
A man with black hair, wearing a white polo shirt, dark gray pants and brown shies, stands behind a brown podium with microphone, shuts his eyes and grits his teeth, as he slaps his forehead with his right hand in embarrassment

An embarrassed young black (African American) man
A man with curly black hair and brown skin, wearing a gray sweatshirt, blue pants, yellow with white sneakers, slightly bends his knees and grins in embarrassment, while lifting his right index finger

An embarrassed man wearing polka dot boxers
A man with blonde hair, wearing a dark gray suit, white dress shirt, orange necktie, black shoes, grits his teeth in shock and embarrassment, as his dark gray pants with brown belt falls down his waist, revealing his red shorts with white polka dots

A man slipping on a banana peel
A man with orange hair, wearing a purple shirt, blue shorts, yellow orange with white rubber shoes, grits his teeth as he tumbles back down on the floor, after slipping on a banana peel

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