Exhausted Women Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

An exhausted woman getting some much needed sleep
A woman with braided blond hair, wearing a white sleeveless top, green shorts and white socks, slumps down her pink bed with blue blanket and pillow, foot placed on the headboard side, eyes shut and lips parted in exhausted sleep

An exhausted female traveler
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a violet coat with white fur collar, red shoes, raises her left palm to stop something, as she parts her lips to speak while looking exhausted, her dark teal luggage with trolley is placed beside her

A an exhausted woman lying on the ground covering her eyes with her arm
A black (African American) woman with black hair, wearing a blue shirt, apple green cropped pants, light gray shoes, lying down on the floor, her gray cellphone left just under her left arm, as she covers her eyes with her right arm in exhaustion, lips parted to breathe in and out, as sweat beads fall from her face

A woman exhausted from vacuuming the house
A woman with orange hair, wearing a green shirt, light blue cropped pants and yellow slippers, lying down on a round pink beanie sofa after vacuuming the floor, using the gray vacuum beside her, eyes shut and lips parted in exhaustion, as beads of sweat form around her head

An exhausted black (African American) woman taking a break
A black (African American) woman with short black hair, wearing a light gray jacket with hood, pink pants and red shoes, sitting on the floor looking exhausted, as she wipes of the sweat on her head using her right hand

An exhausted woman resting her head on her laptop
A woman with brown ponytailed hair, wearing a black suit and skirt, sitting on a white stool behind a white desk, slumps down her head on her gray laptop, as beads of sweat form around her face in exhaustion

A woman exhausted from work
A woman with black hair, wearing a dark teal suit and skirt, blue shoes, down on the floor, pages of white paper scattered, as she parts her lips in exhaustion, beads of sweat flow down from her forehead

A woman exhausted from her workout
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a light blue sleeveless top, pink wristbands, light orange pants, dark pink and white sneakers, lying down on the floor in exhaustion, as she holds up her green water bottle in her right hand to drink the last drop of water, sweat beads falling down her face

An exhausted woman on her knees
A woman with black hair, wearing a pink shirt with green sleeves, gray pants and dark orange flats, kneels down on the floor, as her right hand touches her forehead in exhaustion, sweat beads form around her head

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