Female Archaeologists Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Female Archaeologist Holding An Ancient Skull
A woman with ponytailed blonde hair, wearing a sky blue button up blouse, olive green cap, cargo pants, brown shoes, a white mask that has been pulled down to her chin, smiles while holding a hammer in her right hand, and a fossil skull in her left hand

A Female Archaeologist Cleaning A Dinosaur Fossil
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a blue headband, purple blouse, eyeglasses, blue cargo pants, white gloves, smiles while brushing the dinosaur fossil in a brown rock, using a blue with gray brush, on top of a brown desk

A Female Archaeologist Inspecting An Artifact
A woman with short dark brown hair, wearing a pink blouse, shuts her left eye to focus her right eye on the magnifying glass in her right hand, to view the green ancient jar artifact on the light brown table, with a white paper, as she takes down notes on a notebook about her observations

A Female Archaeologist Digging Up An Ancient Weapon
A woman with brown hair in a ponytail, wearing an army green hat, eyeglasses, vest, shorts, light blue long sleeve shirt, dark gray shoes, smiles while kneeling on a muddy surface, to get an ancient knife that was buried in the soil

A Female Archaeologist Searching For Artifacts Underground
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a brown hat, long sleeve cargo shirt, pants, gray belt, shoes, smiles while walking as she holds a gray metal detector in her right hand

A Black Female Archaeologist Discovering A Gold Artifact
A chubby black woman with curly hair, wearing a green hat, button up shirt with collar, shorts, purple belt, white socks, black shoes, smiles while holding up a cracked gold ancient bowl artifact in her right hand, as her left hand holds a brown trowel

A Female Archaeologist Holding A Pan Of Fossils
A woman with black hair, wearing a pair of safety goggles, pink shirt, brown vest, cargo pants, dark gray boots, light blue gloves, smiles while holding a gray pan filled with soil and fossil

A Black Female Archaeologist Holding A Tusk Fossil
A black woman with curly hair, wearing a pink shirt, yellow orange hard hat, olive green vest, blue pants, olive green boots, purple belt, smiles while holding a piece of fossil in her right hand, as she stands beside a shovel that has been stabbed on the ground

A Female Archaeologist Holding A Trowel
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a pair of eyeglasses, brown hat, unbuttoned blouse over a white shirt, brown pants, black shoes, smiles while holding a dark gray with green trowel in her right hand