Female Architects Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Happy Female Architect
A woman with ponytailed blonde hair, wearing a yellow hard hat, dark gray dress jacket, skirt, parts her lips open to smile in delight while standing behind a brown table, with a T square, tape measure and a rolled white paper, as she draws a draft on a folded white paper in her left hand, using a pencil in her right hand

A Female Architect Drafting Her Next Project
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a red dress jacket over a dark gray blouse, smiles and holds a blue pencil under her lips, as she sits behind a brown table with draft papers, ruler, tape measure, and a blue hard hat

A Female Architect Talking To Her Client On The Phone
A woman with long dark brown hair, wearing a yellow hard hat, gray dress jacket, dark gray pencil skirt, pink inner blouse, shuts her eyes and parts her lips to laugh while talking on the mobile phone in her right hand, as she stands behind a brown table with a blueprint and yellow ruler

A Confident Black Female Architect Drafting Angles
A black woman with curly hair, wearing a gray hard hat, apple green blouse with collar and buttons, pink skirt, smiles while drafting angles on a big white paper using a compass, on top of the brown table, with a yellow T square, white mug, and rolled paper

A Female Architect Drafting A Set Of Grids
A woman with brown hair, wearing a pink dress shirt, smiles while drafting a grid on a white paper, using a triangle ruler from a set square and a pencil, on the brown table, with a red mug and yellow hard hat on top

A Female Architect Carefully Drafts A Grid On A Blueprint
A woman with braided black hair wearing a yellow blouse, gray belt, dark purple pants, heels, smiles while drafting a grid on a blueprint, using a ruler and a pencil, placed on a large wooden easel, as she sits on a stool

A Friendly Female Architect
A woman with brown hair, wearing a yellow hard hat, red eyeglasses, blue dress jacket over a gray blouse, blue pencil skirt, dark gray heels, smiles and slightly lifts her left arm in a friendly manner, as she carries a rolled blueprint and a clipboard in her right arm and hand, while a dark gray blueprint tube is strapped around her right shoulder

A Nice Female Architect Holding A Rolled Up Blueprint
A woman with blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a red hard hat, black dress jacket, pants, heels, gray blouse, pair of round white earrings, smiles while holding a rolled blueprint in her hands

A Happy Black Female Architect On The Phone With A Client
A black woman with ponytailed curly hair, wearing an orange hard hat, light blue dress shirt with its sleeves rolled up, brown belt, gray pants, dark teal sneakers, smiles while talking on her gray mobile phone in her left hand and ear, as she holds a white paper in her right hand, and a red blueprint storage tube strapped across her right shoulder