Female Circus Performers Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Female Ring Trapeze Circus Performer
A woman with black hair tied in a bun, wearing a yellow and green leotard, boots, smiles while balancing inside a white trapeze ring, as her left wrist is tied by an orange rope with its other end also tied around the ring that is supported by a chain

A Female Trapeze Circus Performer
A woman with curly brown hair, wearing a red and white circus costume dress, red with white leg warmers, smiles while swinging and holding on to a gray trapeze bar that is tied to two ropes

A Female Circus Performer Handing From A Trapeze
A black woman with curly hair, wearing a pink sleeveless mini dress, pink with white forearm bands, pink tape strapped around her legs and feet, smiles while stretching her arms sideways to balance on a yellow trapeze

A Female Circus Hoops Performer
A woman with brown braided hair, wearing a blue with yellow sleeveless top, blue with yellow and white shorts, smiles balancing and spinning a red ring in her hands and feet

A Female Circus Performer In A Beautiful Feather Costume
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a pink with purple and white feather headdress, blue face paint, yellow body paint, red with pink feather pattern leotard, red shoes, parts her lips to smile while raising her arms sideways to show off her intricate white with pink feather wings and tail costume

A Female Circus Performer Hanging Upside Down On A Trapeze
A woman with blonde hair, wearing an orange bandana headband, green with gold leotard, gold foot band, hanging upside down on a brown trapeze during a circus show

A Female Circus Clown
A woman wearing a purple wig, white with blue and pink face paint, red nose, white with blue gloves, silly pink with yellow and blue clown suit, white with blue shoes, smiles while raising her arms sideways

A Female Circus Tightrope Performer
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a white with gold one piece suit, smiles while walking on a thin gray rope, as she holds a red bar for balance

A Sexy Female Circus Hoop Juggler Act
A woman with brown hair, wearing a red backless dress, heels, pink headband, smiles while juggling two white rings, and spinning another white ring around her right leg