Female College Students Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Female College Student Taking Down Notes
A young woman with blonde hair, wearing a pink shirt with white collar, smiles while writing notes on a white paper, using a pen in her right hand, as she holds a red book in her left hand, while standing behind a green table

A Happy Female College Student Using Her Laptop
A woman with ponytailed red hair, wearing a green shirt, grins while opening her gray laptop that is placed on top of a green table, with her cellphone, purple bag with white handle, and a sheet of white paper

A Female College Student Packing Her Stuff
A young woman with brown hair, wearing a pair of round eyeglasses, blue shirt, red skirt, smiles while packing her books inside her pink backpack on top of the green table, with her blue laptop

A Black Female College Student Ready For Class
A young black woman with curly hair in a ponytail, with pink hair clip and band, wearing a yellow shirt, blue pants, yellow with white sneakers, smiles while carrying an orange backpack

A Happy Female College Student Moving Into Her Dorm
A young woman with blonde hair in a purple headband, wearing a pink blouse with white collar and sleeve ends, blue skirt, white socks, purple with white shoes, shuts her eyes and smiles in delight while carrying a green hand bag around her right arm, as she pulls an orange carry on luggage with wheels in her left hand

A Female College Student Fixing Herself Before Class
A young woman with long braided black hair, wearing a blue long sleeve blouse with buttons, skirt, red heels, smiles while fixing her hair, as she stands beside a brown stool with her pink bag on top

A Female College Student Touring The Campus
A young woman with untamed orange hair, wearing a yellow sleeveless top, blue jeans, pink shoes, small dark grayish green messenger bag, smiles while raising her left hand to point at something, as her right hand holds a white map guide of the campus

A Female College Student Spraying Perfume
A woman with black hair and a mark on her forehead, wearing a gray long sleeve blouse with collar and buttons, skirt, black heels, blue sling bag, shuts her eyes and smiles as she sprays perfume from the pink spray bottle in her right hand, her left hand holds a small purple notebook

A Happy Black Female College Student
A young black woman with braided hair styled with tiny yellow bows, wearing a blue sweatshirt, gray pants, red shoes, smiles while carrying a yellow backpack and a green book