Female Sanitation Workers Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A happy black female sanitation worker
A black (African American) woman wearing a black bandana, dark sunglasses, orange jacket with yellow strip reflector, brown gloves, dark blue pants and gray shoes, hops on the side of a blue garbage truck, hanging on to a gray bar to secure her balance

Two female sanitation workers on the back of a garbage truck
Two women with blonde and brown hair in ponytail, wearing orange jackets with neon yellow strip reflector, gray gloves, pants and dark gray boots, hop on the back of a blue gray garbage truck

A female sanitation worker pickup up some trash bags
A woman with brown hair, wearing a green shirt under a yellow vest with white reflector strips, gray pants, brownish gray gloves and black shoes, eyeglasses, smiles while arranging two dark blue bags of trash, behind the gray garbage truck

A happy female sanitation worker collecting trash
A woman with blonde hair, wearing dark shades on her head, a black with gray and green overalls under a gray hooded jacket, grayish brown boots and brown gloves, smiles while carrying two dark gray bags of trash in her hands, that she will throw in the gray with red stripes garbage truck

A female sanitation worker throwing the contents of a can into the truck
A woman with black hair in high ponytail, wearing green overalls, brown gloves and grayish brown boots, holds a gray trash can, while walking towards a gray garbage truck

A black female sanitation worker carrying a trash can
A black (African American) woman wearing blue bandana, green overalls, grayish brown gloves and boots, holding a dark brown trash bag in her right hand, as her left arm carries a gray trash can

A female garbage collector pulling a wheeled garbage bin
A woman with brown hair tied in a bun, wearing a pale red cap, rectangular framed eyeglasses, aqua green long sleeved shirt under a green vest, blue gloves, gray pants and light brown shoes, smirks while pulling a light blue trash bin with a dark gray lid and wheels

A female sanitation worker pulling a garbage bin
A woman with brown hair, wearing a yellow orange cap, gloves, vest with neon green reflector strip, white sleeveless shirt, brown belt and boots, pale purple pants, smirks while pulling in her left hand, a wheeled sky blue trash bin with dark gray lid

A female garbage collector worker getting a trash bin
A woman with braided blond hair, wearing a grayish blue cap, jacket with green arm reflector strip, pants, gray shoes and brown gloves, frowns while getting a wheeled aqua green trash bin with gray lid

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